Running Day 3

Fi and I went out running again last night. We reversed the route that we ran last week and incorporated another two hills.

We ran up the hill with the smallest gradient (Almost to the top). We ran down the moderately sized one. We walked up the final hill – the MASSIVE one with an incredibly big incline.

Map of Oakshaw, Paisley runAs you can see it was less than two miles, just shy of 3 k. The whole route joins up for both of us, by me walking to get Fi, and then Fi walking back to her house afterwards.

So, how did it go?

In all honesty, it was tough. Both the increase in distance and the addition of the hills made it hard. We have decided to keep this as our route for the next wee while, until we can run it without stopping. Jeesh, that seems so far away right now, as we had to walk at a fast pace a couple of times last night.

Running and walking up the hill fair worked our glutes and calves! Nice butt here we come……

Back of leg musclesApparently going down hill is good for your balance, and helps your knee and hip extensors. Result!

Our plan is to do this route at the beginning and the end of the week, while doing the route we did last week in the middle day.

Apparently this is a good method of training. If we could add in a weekend run where we push ourselves a bit harder we will be well on our way to success!

Old picture of Coats ObservatoryThe hills in our route are situated in Oakshaw in Paisley, a dreamy, leafy area that is close to the town centre, but conveniently tucked out-of-the-way. It is also home to Coats Observatory.

Which is AWESOME!!

This is a photo of the observatory from 1920.

I think its great.


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