Ugh… you have to eat well too?

I think my ‘get fit ‘ endeavours would be a lot more fruitful if we didn’t have weekends.

Most of my weekends consist of no exercise and a WHOLE lot of junk food. I stay slap bang in the centre of town, and this results in a trip to the roll shop for breakfast. Plus, I stay with a skinny malinky who has a BIG appetite. Add this to the fact that  I have no will power.  Especially when he offers to go out and get it.

I also tend to eat one takeaway a weekend, normally a Chinese as a hang-over curer.

The sensible side of me knows how wrong this is. I know that my body needs nutrients and goodness, but up until now I have been too weak. The lure of convenience gets me. And the taste. Do all Chinese meals contain monosodium glutamate? If so, I have a problem.

There. Step 1. Admitting you (I) have a problem.

Previously I’ve thought, what the hey, I’d be eating this if I WASN’T exercising, so it doesn’t really matter.

The truth is – if I want real results I need to make real changes. Not just Monday to Thurs (more realistic than Friday..) changes.

Ok. I’m on it. I can do this, and my time is NOW.

My Food Challenge for this month is to not buy a breakfast. I have to make it myself. Cereal, eggs, toast; whatever. As long as it’s not a cooked breakfast roll from a cafe. EASY.

On a side note, I was hoping to go swimming today and practise my new skills I was off for the bank holiday. It was so dreich and dreary… by the time I walked half way to the pool I had puddles in my shoes. I didn’t really fancy changing back into my wet gear after swimming, so I came home, took this photo as proof of the wetness:

Picture of dreich day in PaisleyI completed one workout from the 30 Day Shred instead.

Looking forward to running tomorrow, come rain or shine.


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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