Running Day 4 – I thought it was supposed to get easier?

One of the things I love most in the world is inspiration.. and I find it everywhere. More recently and especially for my Get Fit endeavours, I have found inspiration from blogs and associated quotes from athletes on blogs. Some of these talk about pushing yourself even when the going gets tough and finding your inner strength to carry on. Others talk about the feelings experienced when out running. While this varies from one person to another… common thoughts are feelings of empowerment, freedom, strength .. and often the runner NEEDS to run to rebalance inner harmonies.

Do you feel like that from the beginning? I certainly don’t. Not yet.

I have an  amazing sense of accomplishment when we finish a run, and I guess I do *kind of* enjoy it when I’m actually running, but to be honest I find it hard going.

Last night Fi and I were supposed to do our 2 mile run, but we were both in a different zone from normal and not feeling it, so we decided to cut it short and finish at the 1 mile mark. Of course, we promised each other that Thursdays run will be better, we will push ourselves further, we will try harder. I hope we do.

I was a bit disheartened and disappointed in myself when I returned home. Should we have pushed ourselves a bit further last night, or were we right to cut it short? I think I could have dug a little deeper and made it the whole way, yet I’m unsure why I was so quick to agree to change course.

I started running as an alternative to gym going as a means to get fit. That’s not the end of it though – I’d like to feel the way that others do when running becomes an integral part of your being. I’m not sure if anyone can experience that, or if its restricted to certain people, just like other hobbies and talents. Fi and I have both agreed that this won’t be a passing phase, we will keep trying and !surely! we will get better.

My intention here isn’t to sound all doom and gloom. I started the blog as I want to track my progress and have an outlet to explain how I’m feeling. I’m not a fit, athletic person setting myself a new challenge.

I’m the girl who skipped PE at school, and now regrets in deeply as she is ridiculously out of shape and not very flexible. The kind of girl who tries new things happily, then realises that the limitations of her own strength, balance and abilities often lets her down. It’s for these very reasons that I want to change my lifestyle and see if it is possible to correct wrong doings of the past.

At 29, I hope it is, which is why I’m trying to be as honest as possible about how I feel on here.


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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