Swimming Lesson number 3

I had my third swimming lesson on Wednesday night. Otherwise known as my second last lesson.

I was definitely in better shape for it this week, as I didn’t do anything before it. No sauna, no run. Yay!

Plus, after my run the night before I went to a class at my local gym, a Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates combo. This class is seriously awesome. We spent so long in Downward Facing Down I thought I was going to get stuck! Such a wonderful, basic pose.

Downward facing dogIt worked magic on my legs, as I have generally been feeling a bit tight around there for ages, but my hamstrings and glutes fair stretched it out, so much so I was trembling during relaxation at the end! I’m always unsure when I’m in this pose if I look like what I’m supposed to look like ( an upside down V) but I must do as the instructor walks about correcting wrong postures to avoid injuries and I haven’t been told otherwise.

Our teacher is quite young, I’d say around my age, and she is sooo good. She always gives levels and encourages you to try to push yourself a bit further. It’s definitely the most hard-core variation on a yoga class I’ve been too… but not quite as core centric as pilates. A good all-rounder, that you can DEFINITELY feel. Even by the end of the class there is a noticeable difference in my flexibility. I would like to keep this class up.

I’m digressing.

Back to swimming.

As soon as I got in the pool I flapped about like an idiot and you would be forgiven for thinking that i had never swam a length in my life! My head wasnt quite there yet, I had been running late due to football traffic (the mighty St Mirren were playing). After a shoddy two warm up lengths I stopped and thought about what I was doing. I do think my lessons are beneficial, but I’m still at the stage where I need to think about it, as it doesn’t all just come together naturally.

I noticed a big change in my front crawl. All during the lesson Paul had been advising me to look diagonally in front of me.. not down, and not in front. Diagonally, as though you were looking at the bottom half of the wall at the other side of the pool Ok. I kept saying OK, and after swimming a few lengths  he would say the same thing again. OK, I replied. He would then say the old familiar statement, ‘Relax!!’

Relax, and dont forget to Breathe!On my final two lengths I noticed how effortless it felt. Paul asked me how I found them, and then took great pleasure in saying that was because I was looking where I was supposed to be looking. By not having my head down I somehow opened up my shoulders, so my stroke was more effective.. I was able to breathe more easily and I found I was able to GLIDE. Me? Gliding through water!! Yes Sir E Bob. That’ll do nicely!

All in all I swan 26 lengths, each and every one of which I am extremely proud.

And the next day (Thursday), Fi and I had a good run.

Happy days.


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30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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