Weekend Will Power

Since my last post about weekend workouts (lack of) I’m happy to report that I have managed to stick to the challenge that I set – I havent eaten breakfast out.

Other than that though, I havent improved. The weekend that has just passed was a BAD weekend. So bad, it was good, but in the wrong ways!

I hosted a girly weekend and had 8 friends stay over. During the day on Saturday we went to a local Vintage Fair and bought lots of beautiful, amazing cupcakes from a friends stall. (Why didn’t I take any photos!?) Together we ate a host of junk food, and I’m ashamed to say, we didn’t do anything productive. We somehow managed to boycott our whole pre planned itinerary – there was no walk on Sunday, no massage or reiki sessions, no decoration making… and no healthy lunch.

In fact, yesterday we moved 2 double air beds into the living room and lazed about ALL day after enjoying a filthy, greasy, tasty …. Fry up! Oops.

My weekend shenanigans certainly wont have helped me on my mission to get fit and healthy… but I have absolutely no doubt at all that spending time like this with my friends is 100% good for my soul.

That can’t be bad.

Another week, another challenge aspirationNext weekend looks set to be a whole lot more wholesome. Funny that, seen as the weekend there was dubbed, ‘A Wholesome, Pampering Weekend’ before it kicked off and the rum came out.

I have no exciting plans for partying as its my 30th birthday party the following week.

I will continue with my exercise endeavours on both Saturday and Sunday… and work really hard this week to make up for my weekend will power.

My really pathetic weekend will power! I have compiled a list of things that  I believe I need to learn.

I need to learn….

  • Self discipline
  • Self control
  • To resist temptations
  • To restrain impulses
  • To establish good habits

and last but not least….

  • To not be too hard on myself.. when plans go awry.

Happy Monday – I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend and have good aspirations for the week ahead.


About misselletea

30 year old female who's interested in all sorts, but not very good at most. I love life, love, colour, friends... and I love being.
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