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I haven’t been lazy… honest!

Genuinely, I havent been lazy. Last night Kyzo and I went swimming. I didn’t mange to go swimming the week before, and I REALLY notice a difference in my form if I don’t do it regularly. It still doesn’t come easily, and I still … Continue reading

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I’m going for a long(er) run!!

In 15 minutes when I finish work, I’ll nip home, change into my running gear and hit the road with Fi. I think I advised a while ago about how we wer sticking to our short route twice a week, … Continue reading

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Work out faces

Why does pulling a funny, twisted, contorted face help us when we work out? Does it help by sharing tension or focusing exertion, or is it just us conveying pain and stress? I think face pulling helps me work out. … Continue reading

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Last night in my local pool I noticed a Notice Board (funny that, eh?) that had wee pull off swim drill routines. I didn’t stop and look for too long as I was conscious that I was standing in my … Continue reading

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