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Routine, routine

“For something to become a routine, you need to stick at it – for a while. When it becomes a routine, you’ll see results. Then smile” – Me, Today. It’s the second day of the second week of my new routine. … Continue reading

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Working out at home

Every day I receive an email from Buzzfeed and Fitness Magazine, with a handy slide show of easy to do at home workouts. I read them dutifully, and agree, yes, that’s do-able. Yet I prefer group exercise classes at my local … Continue reading

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Why so negative? Its not all doom and gloom.

I didn’t make the Jingle Bells fun run. (What a negative start to a post! Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom!)   I was informed that the local park run was cancelled the day before due to it … Continue reading

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Benefits of running by yourself..

If you run by yourself you: Can listen to music Can go at your own pace Can choose to run whenever you want Test your own resolve and commitment Spend time by yourself There. There are more bullet points on this post than … Continue reading

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We’re past humping day and its STILL a good week!

For those who don’t know… Humping Day refers to Wednesdays. If you visualise the working week as a hill, Wednesday is the top of the mound and after midday on Wednesdays you slide down the hump all the way to the … Continue reading

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I haven’t been lazy… honest!

Genuinely, I havent been lazy. Last night Kyzo and I went swimming. I didn’t mange to go swimming the week before, and I REALLY notice a difference in my form if I don’t do it regularly. It still doesn’t come easily, and I still … Continue reading

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Work out faces

Why does pulling a funny, twisted, contorted face help us when we work out? Does it help by sharing tension or focusing exertion, or is it just us conveying pain and stress? I think face pulling helps me work out. … Continue reading

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