Top 15 Kindness Quotes in Honor of World Kindness Day

I love number 6 ūüôā

Top 15 Kindness Quotes in Honor of World Kindness Day.

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Childs Pose

I love a good stretch, stretching is my favourite part of exercising.
I went to Yoga tonight after a few weeks off it, and really enjoyed the various twists at the start of the class. It really is amazing how much I benefit from small movements. My back was stiff before class, so there was a notable release by the end, but even on normal days I leave feeling better, inside and out.

Childs Pose (Balasana) is one of my favourite stretches.

It is primarily used as a resting pose, or during warm up and cool down. It stretches your spine, hips, thighs and ankles.

Childs pose with your arms out front is a great stretch for my back and shoulders, I absolutely love it. I can feel my shoulders open (not sure if that’s the right word?) and it gives me great comfort.

Childs Pose

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A full circle of emotions

This year has been awesome. I have mostly managed to stick to my schedule and I have been eating more healthily. I’ve lost just under 1 stone!

I’m REALLY happy with this, I only wish I hadn’t been so heavy in the first place as despite the weight loss I’m still not really a skinny minny. No worries, I have no plans on stopping anytime soon, I’m having fun on my journey.

My beau now comes to some of my classes. I love this fact. We go to Metafit together.

It’s a¬†High Intensity Interval Training class¬†where you use¬†your own body weight. Here is an example time-table of the emotions I experience when thinking about metafit:

Day before class: Excited

4 hours before class: Apprehensive

5 minutes before class: Nervous

Half way through class: OOOOOOFFFFFTTTT!!

After class: Yeah! Woo! Awesome!

At best we go twice a week, at worst only once.

Weight aside, I feel loads better than I did before and I like knowing that I’m on the right track. Bikini body, here I come!

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How much ass can 1 person kick?

If it’s me… not much!

We are halfway through February, have I managed to stick to my exercise plan? Not really….. but it’s ok. I have definitely managed to exercise at least 3 times a week, and I’m still doing everything that I enjoy.

The nights are getting lighter too. Woo!

I got ill for a week. It was only the common cold, but I felt like poop, so that put a bit of a spanner in the works. Metafit with a cold? No thank you!

I’m throwing caution to the wind and going to a spin class tonight. This could potentially be the worst decision in my life, as I struggle to cycle on the smallest of gradients. I won’t know till I try it though…… only time will tell!

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Weekly round up

Did my post title make you think of this?

TOy Story 3, Woodys round upSorry! It’s not a Toy Story post. I’m evaluating my workout week to see how I got on. All in all its been a good week.

Swimming, check.  Body Attack, Check.  Metafit , eh no.

Run, check.

Yoga/tai chi pilates/ check.

My¬† beau missed his flight home from Japan and returned on Wednesday, so I cancelled Metafit to spend time with him. It wasn’t a rest day for me though, I completed the Cardio Box workout at home, so I was still doing something.

I made up for¬†missing the Wednesday class¬†by doing the Metafit class on Saturday, and I treated myself to a relaxing spa day today. I swam 6 lengths, but I guess that doesn’t really account for much. I was really going for the sauna!

I found yesterdays Metafit class harder than the one last week Рnot sure why exactly, maybe its an accumulative effect of the full week. Whatever the reason, last night I had a mega tight feeling in my butt cheeks.

I told Schmerco and he promptly found my Iliac Crest, a wee point at the top of your glutes and gently massaged it. What a feeling! It’s a¬†slightly niggly feeling, but I could feel it¬†throughout all of my bum cheeks, and a two minute rub definitely made it feel better.

Ilias Crest Posteriur View


I’m looking forward to the upcoming week. I’ve had to make a few changes to my plan of attack to accommodate other commitments, but its only for one week and I’ve ensured that I’m still doing the full range of activities that I want to do.


I hope you’ve had a successful week too.

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Routine, routine

“For something to become a routine, you need to stick at it – for a while. When it becomes a routine, you’ll see results.¬†Then smile”

– Me, Today.

It’s the second day of the second week of my new routine. So far, so good. The best thing about it is that it incorporates everything that I have been dabbling with over the past few months, and contains classes and activities that I ENJOY. Yes, that’s right, I enjoy exercising!

  1. Mon: Swim and a spa session
  2. Tues: Body Attack and weights at the gym
  3. Weds: Body Attack/Combat combo
  4. Thurs: Run and Yoga/Tai Chi Pilates class
  5. Friday: Rest
  6. Saturday/Sunday: Metafit or workout DVD.

I was feeling a bit rough from the weekend yesterday so I only swam 10 lengths.¬†I know- ¬†nothing to write home about.¬†I stopped going swimming regularly a few¬† months ago so I was worried about my form.¬†Last night I found that pulling the elements of my swimming lessons together was easy; almost natural. Rather than focus on the lack of lengths, I’ll focus on the positive here: I CAN SWIM.

I sweated all of the weekend party gunk out of my system in the spa, setting myself up nicely for the rest of the week.

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Create an Inspiration Board – it works!

I know this is my second post in 3 days, which may seem odd after 3 1/2 weeks of no contact. The truth is… I can’t wait till next week!

I decided to create an Inspiration Board, something to look at to inspire me, and remind me of why I’ve chosen to work hard and make changes.

Inspiration Board

Originally I had envisaged a hand-made¬†board with lots of trinkets and pictures stuck on it, a far cry from the end result! I used the computer to create it as I don’t have access to a printer, and most of the pictures I wanted to use were in digital format.

I have printed out a smaller version of my Inspiration Board and stapled it to the inside of my diary, so it folds out when I want to look at it.

I love it. Inspiration and motivation come from the strangest of places. This source is personal to me, and I know that if I look at it once a day it will definitely help me keep on track.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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